Board Members

Executive Board Members

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Tom Kelly

Tom Kelley - President

I worked at the lab doing specialized programming until retirement in 2006. I also taught math and computer science classes at UNM-LA until retiring from that in 2013. I became a board member of LACC in late 2015 through the encouragement of another board member. I had been naïve about getting cancer for a long time and when it happened, it was a shocking reality check. I hope I can help others become aware of cancer and cope with it if it occurs.

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Galey Bland

Galey Bland - Vice President

I joined LACC in December 2015 after being invited by another member on the board. I joined because I experienced firsthand the devastation cancer can cause when my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and then watched as other family members and friends were affected by cancer. I believe in the prevention and early detection of cancer and am interested in helping patients and their families get the education and support they need during a very trying time.

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Dianne Hammon

Dianne Hammon – Vice President

I joined LACC in October 2014 after being contacted by another member.  I have seen firsthand how my father had battled through cancer for 8 years during which I was a caretaker through many of the rough times.  I also have other family members with cancer and I have a daughter who is a doctor training as a surgeon in her residency as an Otolaryngologist specializing in head and neck cancers.  I hope through my experiences I can maybe make a difference in helping others with their fight against cancer.

As a board member I would like to aid in helping with seminars educating others on different cancers.  I also would like to help others in locating information to help them in their fight with cancer and help in providing support services.

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Tita Summers Treasurer

Tita Summers - (Treasurer)

Tita joined the Council on Cancer June 2013.  She is employed by a recycling facility where she is in the financial department.  Wanting to become involved in the community, Tita joined the council to share her financial skills by serving as treasurer and keeping the organization’s financial records.  Serving on the council also allows her to honor her loved ones who lost their battle with cancer.

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Becky Sims

Becky Sims - Secretary

I joined LACC in December 2015 at the invitation of another member. Cancer has had a huge impact on my life. I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer when I was 10 years old and my husband to metastatic melanoma a few years ago. My daughter is a cancer research scientist at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The diagnosis of cancer can be devastating to a family. My goal as a board member is to help support individuals and families as they struggle with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Helping to informe others about current cancer research and early detection is another important goal.

I have lived in the Los Alamos/White Rock for 37 years and taught in the schools for 23 years. I love this community. Now that I am retired, I would like to share my experiences and help others.

Board Members

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Lonnie Mehlin

Lonnie Mehlin

I joined LACC in December of 2018 on the invitation of another member who is impressed with the work and dedication of this organization.  The impact of cancer on my life and my family has been devastating.  I lost my wife in 2015 to breast cancer shortly after dealing with my own cancer diagnosis and treatment.  I am now happy to help others in coping with this dread disease in any way I can.

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Jutta Kayser

Jutta Kayser

I was born in Offenbach/Germany 3 years after the end of WWII. Germany was in total ruins and work was hard to come by. My parents divorced when I was 5, and only 3 years later, my mother and I joined many other Europeans in search of work and a better future and moved to the United States. First plagued by illness and language barriers, my mother soon found work and I was able to resume school. After living in Ogden, Utah for 6 years, my mother and I moved to California to be close to friends and we lived there until our return to Germany in 1968. While in California, I completed high school and started college, but continued my education in Germany and joined the German workforce.

In 1974, I met Frank and we got married in June 1975. After living and working in various parts of Germany, such as Munich and Berlin, we decided to take advantage of career opportunities in the United States and moved to Lawrence, Kansas in 1998 After working for the University of Kansas for 2+ years, I accepted a position with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in 2002. I retired from LANL in June 2015, after 13 ½ years of service. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management, am bilingual (English and German) – translator/interpreter level, and have basic knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Serbo-Croatian. My hobbies are travelling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Dr A. Carolyn Linnebur

Dr A. Carolyn Linnebur, Cardiology, Internal Medicine

As a physician with Medical Associates of Northern New Mexico, I specialize in Internal Medicine and Cardiology and have been practicing in northern New Mexico since 1974. I received my medical degree from the University of Michigan. My Echocardiography laboratory received the prestigious ICAEL accreditation. In my spare time, I am a proud member of the LACC, and, outside of my professional field, enjoy raising Alaskan Malamutes, being a master gardener and long distance cycling. I joined LACC as its mission is education and I believe that is what we are providing in this great all volunteer organization.

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Zohra Woodward

Zohra Woodward – A Cancer Survivor

Zohra joined the Council of Cancer October 2012.  She joined to help others and give support to cancer patients.  Zohra has been a key volunteer in the Cancer Corner.

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Maire O'Neill

Maire O'Neill

Maire O’Neill joined the Los Alamos Council on Cancer Board in March 2018 to help out with promoting the services, resources and activities of the Council. A native of Ireland, she currently is a reporter for the Los Alamos Daily Post. Maire has lost many family members and friends over the years including her good friend Karen Mehlin to whom she dedicates her volunteer time with the Council.

Dr Madhavi Garimella

Dr Madhavi Garimella, Endocrinology and Internal Medicine

I practice Endocrinology and Internal Medicine at Medical Associates of Northern New Mexico. I joined the council as a way of giving back to the community and helping their mission to educate the public on preventive strategies. Most importantly I have seen the devastation and powerlessness caused by the dreaded condition on patients and their families and hope that the mission of providing support along this difficult road could make it just that much easier.

Dr Timothy Lopez

Dr Timothy Lopez, Oncology

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, graduated from UNM Medical
School, and after completing a fellowship at the MD Anderson
Cancer Center in Houston, moved to Santa Fe. I founded the NM
Cancer Care Associates where I practiced for many years. After
taking a year sabbatical in 2017 I returned to work part time
for this group. I now work 2 days a week in Los Alamos Center’s
Northern NM Cancer Clinic.

Associate Members

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Dr Kathryn Zerbach, M.D.

Dr Kathryn Zerbach, M.D.

As a native New Mexican, I am thrilled to be back in my home state after 18 years of practice in nearby El Paso, TX.A graduate of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, I am Board Certified in Surgery, but have specialized in treating breast cancer throughout my career.Having served on committees and as a board member for the Cancer Consortium, Rio Grande Cancer Coalition, American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, I am both honored and delighted to be able to join the LACC and serve the cancer survivors of Los Alamos.

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Sherry Evans-Carmichael

Sherry Evans-Carmichael

Sherry has been a member of LACC since September 2013.  Her involvement with the council has been in publicizing the bi-annual seminars.

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Ev Griggs

Ev Griggs (LAMC Auxiliary Liaison)

Cancer Survivor!
I joined the LACC Board in Spring 2010. I am the liaison for the Auxiliary Women’s Group. Pooling the resources of this group of volunteers, we can help with seminars and other educational events.  I believe that getting information out to cancer patients is extremely important. Being a cancer survivor is helpful for those who have cancer now. Working in the Chemo Lab at the LAMC allows me to work with patients in a way that I know helps. By listening and showing them that people do survive cancer, I can bring them hope and comfort.

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Jane Sherwood

Jane Sherwood

I am a long time member and now associate of the council. You may have seen me manning the desk at the Health Fair each year.

Los Alamos Council on Cancer :: Jennifer Pitt

Jennifer Pitt, RN

Jennifer served on the board of LACC from November 2010 to June 2012 when she moved to St George, Utah.  She holds a position with Dixie State University where she is the Adjunct Clinical Instructor for School of Nursing and Intermountain Healthcare/Nurse Case Manager.  Since moving , Jennifer has played a key role in preparing applications to the NM Nurses Association for awarding  continuing education credits for community seminars.

Laurie Kain, RN

Laurie has be an associate member since February 2014.  She is currently working at Los Alamos National Laboratory Occupational Medicine.

Anna Marie Solomon

Anna Marie has served as an associate member since May 2013.  She has assisted the council with publicizing the bi-annual seminars.